Birds from West Africa

Our bird guide in The Gambia was the excellent Malick Suso and we also had an excellent day with guide Lamin Jarju.

Sharp Photography wildlife slide show
kingfishers, bee-eaters, rollers
birds of prey
vultures, kite, goshawk
bulbul, chat, cisticola, cordon-bleu, drongo, oxpeckers, shrike, sparrow, sparrow-lark, starling, sunbirds, swallow, wagtail, waxbill, weaver
turacao, coucal, plantain-eater, cuckoo
hoopoe, hornbills
owl, nightjar
doves, greenshank, jacana, lapwings, pigeons, plovers, sandgrouse, sandpipers, stilt, terns, thick-knee, whimbrel
heron, grebe
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