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Some places where my images have been uses in print, story boards or online

Hyacinth macaw

2017 postage stamp

India Department of Posts



A Celebration of Nature's Jewels

Britain's Dragonflies.jpg

Britain's Dragonflies:

A field guide

Europe's Dragonflies:

A field guide

Europe's dragonflies.jpg
British Birds.jpg

British Birds:

A Pocket Guide

Europe's Birds:

An identification Guide

europes birds.jpg
Museum Nat Hist Oxford Uni.jpg
Turtles Natural History.jpg
Giant African Land Snail.jpg
Chester zoo.jpg
London zoo logo.jpg
Black and white Cotswold.jpg
Yacare caiman Cotswold.jpg

La Crisi Messiniana nella Storia Naturale del Mediterraneo - La Flora Terrestre

chittal deer in India

A book by Megan Schaefer

Museum giraffe.jpg

Avon Wildlife Trust

Avon Wildlife Trust.png

CD cover notes: At Peace with Nature


Zoo Cards

thumbnail_Annotazione 2020-02-19 082801.jpg

Biggs, D., Holden, M. H., Braczkowski, A., Cook, C. N., Milner-Gulland, E. J., Phelps, J., … & Allan, J. (2017). Breaking the deadlock on ivory. Science, 358(6369), 1378-1381.

Album cover for Yawny's 2018 album pigeon village

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