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Butterflies of

Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras,

Costa Rica, Panama,

Colombia and Brazil

Trip to Brazil in September 2015. The Southern and Northern Pantanal and the Southern Amazon: Cristalino Lodge - guided by butterfly expert Luisa Mota.

Trip to Panama in 2019 - Many thanks to our excellent guide Tino Sanchez of the Canopy Family for his identification help on Panama's butterflies. We were also very well guided by Igua Jimenez and Danilo Rodriguez (Jnr).

Visit in 2023 to Mexico (Piedra Herada for monarch butterflies), Guatemala (Tikal, Antigua Guatemala), Belize (Orange Walk and Cayo districts) and Honduras (Copan).

Tour to Colombia in July/August 2023 - Cundinamarca, Caldas and Choco Departments.

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